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Ketogenic Lifesyle

Traveling Keto

The holiday season is upon us. This could very well mean that you are traveling…
Photo courtesy of Indian Yogi (Yogi Madhav) on Unsplash
Breathing Exercises and Meditation

How to Improve Your Meditation Skills

The concept of meditation might seem simple, but don’t feel discouraged if you find it…
Biohack Basics

Grass vs. Grain Fed Beef

So, you’re a biohacker. You want to maximize your body’s efficiency and perform at a…

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LEVL In The Lab

A behind the scenes look at the calibration of the LEVL device using a mass…

Dr. Limansky and LEVL founder Brad Root at the headquarters

Dr. Limansky and LEVL founder Brad Root discuss the different stages of product development.

Dr. Limansky Talks To LEVL President & CEO Brent Hixson

Dr. Limansky and Brent discuss his role in joining LEVL and his relationship with LEVL…

Cold Water Submersion with Dave Korsunsky

Dr. John Limansky and Heads Up Health CEO Dave Korsunsky discuss cold water thermogenesis in…