The holiday season is upon us. This could very well mean that you are traveling to visit family, friends, or experience a new place during the holidays. Holidays are centered around eating and enjoying time with others around the table. Maintaining your ketogenic diet in the midst of the celebration can be challenging. It’s more than likely that you haven’t always eaten this way. This means many of your holiday food may now be off limits. There are a few steps you can take this holiday season to stay on track with your ketogenic diet.

Phase One


You have likely discovered that the keto diet is centered around preparation no matter where you are. This phase is critical to setting yourself up for success. Whether it’s meal prepping or timing out your meals, keto takes planning. When you’re traveling, this stage may become the most important. What are some things you can focus on during this stage?


If you’re staying with your family during the holidays, you will probably have a kitchen at your disposal. If not, however, you may need to plan ahead to make sure you can prepare your favorite keto recipes and snacks. When looking for a hotel, you should be able to find one with a kitchenette. This will allow you to buy some groceries and prepare your favorites on the road. Another good option is to look for an AirBnB. These will usually be an apartment or condo that comes with a full kitchen. You will probably have to prepare at least some food for yourself and making sure you have a place to do it is important.


If your ketogenic diet is paired with intermittent fasting, timing will be critical. Early morning flights will require you to fast during travel. Make sure to have some coffee or tea beforehand. If you add some grass-fed butter, it will help to tie you over while you’re in the air or car. Once you land or park, you can have your first meal.


The night before travel is often reserved for packing and getting ready. Incorporate some meal prep to make sure you have snacks and possibly a small meal ready ahead of time. Boil some eggs and pick up some almonds or jerky. These keto friendly snack will allow you to supplement your eating on the go.

Phase Two


Maintaining your self-control can be extremely difficult when you’re on the road or around family. It will require a lot of mental preparation and will power. If you can, get yourself an accountability partner to keep you honest. A person that encourages you to stay strong can be invaluable. You can also confide in them if you do slip up.


Try and recall why you’re doing a keto diet in the first place. Have you had success up to this point? Do you have some friends or family that have amazing results? Try to keep these things in the forefront of your mind. There is a reason you’re doing this. From trying to lose weight or feel better in general, you are committed to doing it.


Holiday tables are full of carbs and dangerous foods for ketogenic eaters. However, there are also plenty of holiday staples that are keto friendly. Load up on some turkey and ham while you pair them with some vegetables. Be generous with the grass-fed butter and coconut oil. Volunteer to cook some keto replacements. These can be just for you or for others to try out what you’re doing.

Move Forward

You may slip up during your holiday travels. It’s okay, don’t beat yourself up. Keep moving forward towards the future and learn from your mistakes. What are the situations where you feel most vulnerable? Identify them and try to plan for how you’ll neutralize them next time. Often times, a reset on your keto diet is what you require to be inspired.

Phase Three


Once the holidays have come to an end, it’s important to get back into your routine. Cherish the simplicity and ease of getting back to normal life. Whether you stayed strong or slipped up, get back into the swing of things. Try a new recipe or make one of your old favorites as a reward. Picking up in your normal rhythm will bring a new sense of accomplishment.

Set Goals

If you were able to eat keto while holiday traveling, set some ambitious goals. Keep your momentum rolling. This can help you to have further success. If you messed up a bit, set some new goals. Change up your routine a bit and make your goals achievable.


There’s no doubt that you learned a thing or two during your holiday travels. Maybe you have a new recipe that you love. It’s possible you identified some situations that you struggle with. You have have even inspired some of your friends and family to try keto. Take these lessons and memories into the future. Learn from them and let them inspire you to continue!

Go Forth

Remember that the holidays should be fun. You can make great memories that will last a lifetime. Spend time with loved ones or get some much needed alone time. Try new things and learn from your mistakes. Sticking to your keto diet is worth it. Both your results and the way it makes you feel should speak to this. You probably already know that cheating doesn’t feel good. So go forth, and prosper!

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