Thanksgiving is all about delicious food. Being keto doesn’t have to mitigate this fact. The following is a list of traditional foods to avoid. These foods will be on the table without a doubt and you will have to deal with it. After that, we’ve included some foods to embrace! Once you are able to utilize these keto friendly foods in recipes, the possibilities are endless.




From the classic mashed to its cheesy cousin, potatoes are full of carbs that will throw you out of ketosis. Holiday foods seem to revolve around some sort of potato side dish. While this is a delicious thought, keto results are even better.


Rolls and bread are full of carbs. As you are already aware, carbs are what we’re aiming to avoid. This is a sacrifice that may be difficult to make. Keep passing that bowl down the table if you can.


This may be a food that you didn’t think about, especially if you haven’t been cooking it. Gravy is packed with hidden carbs. Flour is used to thicken and give gravy a good texture. No more slathering it all over your plate.

Pumpkin Pie

This one was probably obvious. Pumpkin pie is packed with all sorts of carbs and sugars that you’re trying to avoid. Try not to offend grandma with this one, we know she’s a world-class pie maker. Don’t break her fragile heart.



Cauliflower will never let a keto lover down. Whether you’re looking to replace rice, mashed potatoes, or classic stuffing, you can utilize this versatile vegetable. It can be somewhat bland, so make sure to add your favorite spices!

Bone Broth

This is a great tool to replace a starchy soup or make some keto gravy with. Bone broth is full of nutrients. It can help to make you feel full and warm you up if you’re traveling to a colder area of the planet. It can also be added to other dishes to spice up the flavor.

Almond Flour


Almond flour can be used in any recipe that would normally call for regular flour. This magical substance makes the carbs disappear. It doesn’t act quite the same as baking flour so you may have to tweak your recipe a bit by adding an egg or similar binding agent.

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