Power Smoothie

by BiohackMD Staff February 28, 2019 1 min read

Power Smoothie


Really, this is neither a shake nor a smoothie. It's a refreshing concoction of essential vitamins and minerals designed to keep you nourished and satisfied. It's not particularly sweet, but it's a great shake designed to keep you full! 

Try combining it with our Whey Matrix to complete a power packed meal! Brazil nuts are ideal, but if you can't find them, you can substitute with walnuts or cashews. Just make sure there's no added oil!



Spinach 2 cups
Kale 2 cups
Avocado 1 full
Brazil Nuts 8 tbsp
Cacao powder 4 tbsp
Unsweetened Coconut Milk 2 cup
MCT Oil 2 tbsp
Whey Matrix 2 scoops
Sea Salt 4 tsp


How to Make:

1. In a blender, add spinach, kale, coconut milk and a cup of ice.

2. Blend on a low setting, or pulse if you can.

3. Add the nuts, cacao and avocado and blen or pulse until you reach your desired consistency.

4. Add the Whey Matrix, seal salt and MCT oil. Blend or pulse. 

5. Pour into a cup, top with sea salt and enjoy!

BiohackMD Staff
BiohackMD Staff