Keto Matrix

  • Keto Matrix combines two of the best-known keto supplements into a single, great tasting powdered drink that mixes easily with water, shakes or smoothies.
      • 8,000 mg patented goBHB exogenous ketones
      • 4,000 mg patented goMCT oil powder
      • Acacia fiber and natural flavors
      • Sweetened with non-GMO Stevia Leaf Extract.
      • Lab tested
      • Endorsed by John Limansky, M.D. "The Keto Doctor"


Why keto matrix?

Keto Matrix is designed to to deliver an immediate boost of energy, help increase performance, and improve satiety. Even those already on a low carbohydrate diet can experience the benefits: fuel for enhanced cognition, improved performance, and weight management.

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