Whey Matrix - Vanilla Grass-Fed Whey


    When we decided to create our own Whey Matrix, we looked at many proteins before determining which whey to go.

    Since the diet a cow eats also affects the whey it produces, we knew we had to go with only grass-fed New Zealand cows who spend 90% of their time on pasture.

      • Grass-fed, Hormone-free cows
      • Non-GMO
      • No artificial flavors, flavors or preservatives
      • Gluten & Soy Free
      • Endorsed by John Limansky, M.D. "The Keto Doctor"



Why keto matrix?

Whey Matrix provides twenty grams of one of the cleanest and most nutrient-dense protein sources available.

Our whey provides all nine essential amino acids, is easily absorbed, and is always hormone-free.

Research supports that whey increases muscle and strength while simultaneously melting fat away.

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