What Is Biohacking?


Biohacking is making the environment work for you instead of against you. It sounds fancy, but in reality biohacking is just strategically using techniques such as exercise, nutritional changes, heat and cold exposure, and meditation to offset the stress of modern life.

Far from being a new idea, biohacking has its roots in history. Some of the earliest biohackers include the Monks who used meditation and fasting practices to help reach enlightenment. The Nords realized the healing properties of cold water immersion, and made jumping into the Baltic Sea a way of life. The Romans realized the power of sauna use and even Hippocrates, the father of medicine, understood the benefits of extended fasting as a remedy for many maladies.

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Fast forward to our modern way of living where most of us live a chronically stressful life. Whether it’s caused by your job, commute, family or illness, chronic stress can negatively impact our health and longevity. Eating a well balanced diet is an extremely important part of improving our health, but the key to truly maximize health and longevity is to incorporate biohacking techniques such as intermittent fasting, cold water immersion, sauna use, and focused exercise.

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